When a Screw-Up, Wasn’t.

Seamwork Magazine strikes again with the awesomeness. I decided to try out cowl necks and see if it looks okay on me (it does) and if I could cram the pattern for the Seamwork Neenah dress onto a remnant I purchased from Misan Fabrics in January 2017. I managed it…kiiiiinda.

It went well!


I bought a small mountain of fabrics at Misan (London) in January 2017 when I went to a Black Sabbath show with my friends Haileigh and Miriam. Much fun was had. The fabric I got was lovely and I’ve actually almost used it all up by now (go me! destash ahoy!). This polka-dot double knit is quite sturdy but has a fabulous drape to it and I thought it’d look fantastic as a Seamwork Magazine Neenah dress – but with the cowl neckline bonus instead of the turtleneck.

I should add: I don’t like turtlenecks. Or at least I don’t like them on me. I have too many bad memories of early 90s outfits and my brothers poking my double chin and pointing out how chubby my face was.

My brothers were dicks. *ahem* Anyway!

I broke a rule before starting this project, checking if I actually had enough fabric, and just sorta bulldozed my way in. In my best Hank Hill voice, “I tell ya h-wat”, it was a heck of an operation. I went full-on Zero Waste Daniel and started turning things in all kind of weird directions, then serging scraps back together and ended up with a pretty good finished product.



So it turned out lovely. The fabric itself was a dream to sew. It has a lovely stretch and wasn’t the least bit fiddly. I managed to save a potentially-ruined project and now I have an adorable dress in my wardrobe that I plan on wearing frequently…which reminds me, I should wear it tomorrow.

Sweet victory.


You guys ever have a situation like this?

2 thoughts on “When a Screw-Up, Wasn’t.

    1. You are welcome! I don’t miss them and no matter how lean my face gets in my lifetime I’ll always have a little bit of a turkey neck — which I’m finally OK with at 30 years old! 😀


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