My First Housecoat/Cardigan

My good friend Jess recommended Seamwork Magazine to me however many moons ago, and I signed up just expecting to read a cool online magazine about sewing – and at $6 a month, I thought it’d be a nice read. What I didn’t realize is that you can save up credits to buy patterns from them as well – and this applies to Seamwork patterns as well as Colette patterns!

I’ve made several Seamwork patterns so far, which will appear in subsequent blog posts, but I wanted to write about an item that I wear ALL THE TIME at home. It’s the Oslo cardigan, and it’s absolutely a staple!

My cat George was wondering what I was on about.

Once I realized you can get patterns via the credit system (which was many months later, might I add), I started having a dig to see which patterns I really liked. I’ll be honest and say I really don’t like big, baggy clothes. I used to have a lot of body issues, especially self-image issues brought on from hypercritical family members when I was growing up, so now that I’m older, wiser, and know how AWESOME I LOOK, I prefer to wear things that are fitted and flattering.

Despite that, I still really liked the look of the Oslo, especially with the pattern’s model holding a cup of coffee. Hehe! I knew I needed a utilitarian-type jacket to wear around the house whilst cleaning and doing other work. I bought a few meters of a quilted poly knit from my local fabric store a few months before that, simply based on the fact it was leopard print and I loooooove animal print. This turned out to be an excellent choice as it helped me re-learn about the placement of pattern pieces to take advantage of the stretch of the fabric.

I still managed to mess up the sleeves a little, I attached them upside-down and ended up with a bell effect, but I’ve called it a “design element” and left it as-is. As you can see from the above photo, it actually looks kinda cool.

A few months later I realized I NEEDED POCKETS and a fastening in the middle because that’s what I’m comfortable with. I live in the mountains and during winter, I need tissues to deal with my runny nose, my kid’s runny nose, my kid spilling something, or my husband spilling something (don’t tell him I told you!). So yeah, pockets. I prefer fastenings too since I just don’t like clothes flopping all around. I think being in the military made me that way – I don’t like “loose ends” of any kind. With that said, I DO put together a really good chignon hairdo, it’ll never fall out of place!

Anyway, I added some pockets from the scraps left over, it worked perfectly!


I can confidently say the Oslo cardigan by Seamwork is a star. Easy to make, very comfortable and my husband hates it – or, well, he hates leopard print. Regardless, even he complimented my work and said he’ll make an exception from his usually face-making at leopard print since my lovely cardigan is handmade!

4 thoughts on “My First Housecoat/Cardigan

  1. I love how you added a closure and the pockets! Awesome details! That’s the thing about sewing is that we know what our mistakes are, but others don’t! I still don’t see anything wrong with your sleeves! Awesome make! Thanks for sharing!

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