A Kinda-Frilly Nightgown.

Oh my glob, you guys. I made a froo-froo nightgown and it’s lovely. I even have gathers on the sleeves with lace edging.

Way too excited.


I’ve always liked frilly nightgowns, or at least the idea of them. Pintucks, lace, gathers, all that stuff. Loungewear in general is lots of fun to make, and just as fun to wear! My only issue with a lot of it is that as a housewife, I do a lot of stuff on a daily basis that gets my hands and sometimes clothes dirty – cooking, cleaning, prepping, tidying, stuff like that. I’m busy and therefore need more utilitarian-style types of clothes to wear around the house. But I realized I could still get my frilly fix through a nightgown since I wear my housecoat over it (won’t get messy during breakfast). In a nice rayon (from Desfilart in Girona, Spain) it was pretty easy to sew with stabilizer and the right needle, and I can machine-wash it easily.

This was a SEEMINGLY simple project upon its beginning: simple rayon with a bit of stretch lace edging. Then I started making it and the section for the neck yoke was a nightmare. As I went to write this post, I looked at the instructions again (I made this nightgown last Spring, I think, so several months ago) and STILL don’t get it. I guess that’s why Style sewing patterns are no more….or is that d-bag thing to say? Anyway…


I gave up on the yoke. The instructions were too vague and I ended up getting pissed off at one point – which is a sign for me to either pack it in or find another way. The other funny bit is that I bought this pattern without realizing the size. It’s a 42 bust, I’m now a 36. Oops. So I took it in at the side seams mid-construction and just left the rest of it as-is since the extra space isn’t excessive.


As you can see, it turned out great! Kinda baggy but I actually use it and it’s super comfy. I’m really pleased. I’m going to donate the pattern, though. Vague instructions always annoy me but I’m glad this turned out OK in the end.

The funny thing about sewing patterns, at least in my own experience, is that a pattern I may find vague could be perfectly clear to another person and they will wonder what I’m whining about – hence why I always donate.

Ever made anything frilly? I have a 50s pattern for an epic gathered yoke and ruffled neckline that I might whip up one of these days. We’ll see!


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