Knitting is Totally Metal

Ok so this post has nothing to do with heavy metal music but everything to do with knitting. I’ve jumped in mosh pits, covered myself in tattoos, had a wee bairn but couldn’t conquer the knitting mountain. Until this weekend, friends.

This weekend, I finally learned how to knit.

Someday. Why not?

It’s one of those crafts that I’ve always admired from afar, cursing my left-handedness and the lack of resources available. My mother-in-law has made the comfiest, lovelist items for my little family, especially for P, and I’ve always wished and hoped that one day I could learn.


I still don’t know why, for so many years, I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn how to knit. Kinda dumb, right? I learned how to crochet left-handed, from a right-handed person, so why on earth wouldn’t I learn how to knit? Ah well.

This past weekend, Craftsy offered an unlimited streaming offer of their online classes to get people interested in Craftsy Unlimited. I actually think I’m going to sign up for it because I’d really like to learn more about baking, cooking, and advancing with my crochet, sewing and (now!) knitting. It’s 120 bucks for a year, so 10 per month, and with all these classes I want to take – why not?

To be honest, one of my life goals is to kick butt at domestic pursuits and crafts. I don’t need to be the best, but I want to be good at it – ya know?

Saturday morning, I suddenly decided to try out a knitting course on Etsy designed for beginners. The problem with this course is that it was structured for right-handed people. I thought I’d give it a go anyway, but it just wasn’t working out for me. I tried to look on youtube for “left-handed knitting” videos, and I found a few but some of them had awful music playing instead of narration (for me to learn best, I need to watch + listen to an explanation), so even with the videos muted it was too difficult to follow along.

With almost-tears in my eyes, and texting my friend Jess about “I’m about to break these mother f-ers”, I collected myself and returned to google to look for a left-handed knitting course. A Craftsy one with Rick Mondragon popped up in the search results. Well, holy crap. So I started the video and his explanation was so easy to follow and helpful! Hooray!


I actually started with these 4.5 needles I had (middle photo) that proved to be too heavy for me, so I set that aside and tried with 3.5 needles (right photo) and some DK yarn from CityMarket (grocery store chain in Finland – oh yes, we’re CityMarket people). I let my arms rest for a few hours and then picked up my size 10mm needles and some super chunky yarn and I’m currently working on that. I plan on getting some cable needles and some stitch markers.

I can’t believe I’m knitting! What the nuts!

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